The text message marketing platform built for retailers.

Text customers, get reviews, collect payments, and provide support all through one platform, starting at $110/mo (plus no contracts ever!).

Features to grow your brand

All in one easy to use dashboard.

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Textmechat, the best software for your growing business today!

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Amplify your marketing and sales

TextMeChat provides all the tools you need to build your brand, sell your catalog, and reach all of your customer groups.


Build and maintain your brand reputation.

Facebook and Google are the first place potential customers will go before they come to your store.

With just a few clicks, TextMeChat helps you get the reviews you need to build or keep your store rating high.


Never miss out on online revenue.

Get your products in front of customers even when they are not in your store.

TextMeChat makes it possible to create custom catalogs that you can text to customers.

Your customers can even add items to their cart and checkout through TextMeChat.


Send texts to groups of your customers instantly.

With TextMeChat, you no longer have to enter in each customers phone number one-by-one.

Simply add customers to a group and text them in one click. Perfect for sales or event marketing!

"It's a game changer"

I am about a day away from hitting 200k this year in sales from the text me chat app, it's a game changer.

Kevin Bryant

"With 46 employees, we needed something simple & effective."

A word about Text Me Chat. TMC is, AWESOME. We understand EDGE users might like Podium. But even Podium users should look at TMC.

We looked at Podium, seemed kind of easy but a bit of a learning curve & we don't use EDGE.

Jeffrey Allan Pittman Hess

"Text Me Chat is a superior product & more much affordable!"

Both Podium & Text Me Chat will allow you to get reviews from a host of sites such as FB, Google, etc. but Text Me Chat will also let you do a "Group Text" to your clients.

Instead of individually typing one text after another to each client, you can do one text to a group of them! Imagine using this for sales or event marketing? This is so powerful!

Bill Warren

"One of the most affordable programs available"

We use Text me Chat and their Pay by Text feature on a daily!

Can't say enough about their program and how much easier it makes running our business.

Not to mention it's one of the most affordable programs available as well.

Kevin Hustedt


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